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I’ve never been the best at blogging. I think the discipline it requires escapes most creative business owners. Between all the doodling and making, packing and posting, it seems to fall down the list of priorities pretty quickly. The last 3 months or so though, I’ve had a renewed “itch” to get back into blogging again. My excuse has been that my last website didn’t have the best set up for writing blogs. The layout of the blog section was awful but thanks to my lovely web designing husband, I finally have a shiny new website, complete with a great space to blog, so no more excuses for me!


Up until now, Facebook has been my main method of keeping my followers up to date with what’s going on, new ideas and new products etc. The trouble with Facebook though is that unless you want to be really rude and clog up news feeds, you can’t really post great big slabs of text. I’m hoping now though, that my blog will be a place where I can expand upon those things, and give you the chance to get to know me a bit better! So welcome to my first post of 2015!

2014 was a pretty big year for me business wise. On the 1st of January, I left my old business name behind (Kindy Garden) and embraced simply using my own name- something I had battled with for years and I will tell you why… 


Thats right! I’m degree less! and for that reason I have struggled (and still do a bit!) with thinking of myself as a legitimate illustrator. I know that ultimately, it boils down to drawing ability and drive, but there is just something about that bit of paper with “BA Hons” written on it that just makes you feel a bit more secure… a bit more credible. Thats why, for a long time, I dipped in and out of the illustration world, hiding behind various business names in an attempt to sort of distance myself from that sense of insecurity. Silly I know, but it’s the truth! 

I can tell you though that I’m so glad I took the gamble and launched out under my own name last year. As exposed as it makes me feel, my workload and general scope of opportunities has increased so much. I am so thankful to all my followers and stockists who have come with me, supported me and welcomed new illustrative styles and products during that transition. Under Kindy Garden, I was so restricted to a particular style- Simply being known as Megan Tucker Illustration has allowed me to try new things and experiment a bit which has been hugely refreshing.

My Facebook following increased from 350 to 1475 in 12 months during 2014. I took on far more custom work than I ever have and I tripled my amount of stockists. Not bad! So after a great working year, I’m finally starting to feel less worried about that “missing” picture of myself wearing a cap and gown with a framed certificate next to it on the wall… It’s less important to me now. So, What of 2015? Well, I do have a little list of goals and hopes for the year ahead. With my new found wave of quiet confidence I want to push myself harder. 


Am I allowed to say that? Before you think I’m totally full of myself, let me explain! I THINK I can try harder. I THINK I can achieve more than simply selling my wares and stocking shops. I am VERY grateful for those outlets and fully intend to continue with those, don’t get me wrong. But ultimately, I started out on this wobbly path of becoming an illustrator because I wanted to be just that. I feel out of my depth saying this, but I want to illustrate books! I want to create artwork for magazines… and I know that will only happen if I choose to think a little bigger and push myself a little bit harder beyond my comfort zone.

That goal will require some adjustments to what I currently do. I will have to prioritise my time, streamline how I do things, even say no to somethings. In all likelihood I will have to pull back a bit on screen printing, offer less small item designs which consume so much of my time to make in order to dedicate more time to artwork for prints that will broaden my portfolio. I do so much floral, hand lettered stuff- but I MISS drawing things! people, animals, buildings! I need to stop playing it so safe and start drawing more!

Now for the biggie… My ultimate goal is to get an agent. Gulp! Wether or not I achieve that this year is not certain, but at the very least I must expand my portfolio to present to potential agents and that is not going to happen if I don’t take another gamble this year and choose to knuckle down and work hard at it.

I will be blogging along the way to keep you up to date with my efforts and more importantly to keep myself accountable. Thanks so much for your support thus far! Are you with me for another year of changes? Because I will most definitely need the encouragement!

  • Michelle Grant says...

    Wow Meg, you certainly have advanced your dreams into reality. I love all your work. Including the welsh language has really worked for you. I hope you achieve your goals of illustrating for magazines and books. I once dreamed of collaborating with Lach on writing and illustrating a children’s book. He’s pretty busy now though with teaching. Surprisingly he and Alana are buying a house here in Wagga. Anyway best wishes with your brand and ambitions.

    On May 15, 2018

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