Here at Megan Tucker Illustration we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s our goal during 2020 to reduce as much unnecessary single use plastic as we can. We aim to work toward reducing this throughout the year.

Currently we use only purchase biodegradable bubble wrap to use across all orders and recycle packaging for wholesale orders wherever possible. This means any packaging that comes in with stock orders is stored and reused.

During 2020 we aim to achieve the following:

* Phase out the use of single use Jiffy bag envelopes and replace with fully recyclable board backed pouches and envelopes.

* Switch to “Naked cards” and no longer use cellophane sleeves, replacing them with easy peel stickers that hold the card and envelope together for storage and display. These can be easily removed and recycled.

* Re use the wax paper backing sheets from stickers as packaging. These are now collected rather than thrown away and shredded and reused in packaging for wholesale orders.

* Encourage and advise customers to recycle or reuse necessary plastic packaging etc.



All envelopes, used cards, receipts and backing boards from prints are fully recyclable and can either be put in with your paper and card recycling that is collected by your local council or composted.

All cellophane sleeves from prints and other giftware can be put in with your plastic recycling if your local council allows you to recycle soft plastics.